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Mainstream media is many times viewed as having negative influences and outcomes, and in many cases this rings true. Unfortunately in today's mainly media based society we cannot run or escape this obsession of our times. In my opinion, whether something creates a positive or negative influence or outcome all depends on the reader/viewer/listener, it lies in OUR hands to dissect the information that we receive and to understand that not all information should be taken as 100 percent true. This is why is it crucial for the feminist movement to separate itself from what hooks calls "the mainstream patriarchal mass media" and to make it clear to the readers/viewers/listeners that they need to be weary of everything that runs in mainstream media. After all, mainstream media is not necessarily concerned with truths, lies or biases, but rather ratings and publicly.

This is why the best way to fight this battle is naturally through retaliation with correct feminist education using the same weapon, mass media! Mass media is a genius way to spread information quickly across the entire world, we just have to choose what we spread wisely. Today's fascinations with the internet, blogs, facebook, and twitter can definitely become vital weapons in the fight for the feminist education movement if used correctly. What better and easier way to connect with people all over the world than the internet? It honestly doesn't get much easier than that. I think many successful movements capture the power of today's youth. I would argue that today's youth spends a lot, if not too much time, browsing the internet. What better way than to catch a young person's eye than on the internet. Internet media is more powerful than ever, people read the news online, they even watch tv online, instead of on their television sets. Everything is about accessibility today. The easier the information is to access the faster it will spread. This is why I believe that the best way to spread educational and critical awareness is through the internet using blogs and various social sites.

Hooks addresses a very important point about spreading negative information. It is true, because I see it in myself, that the mainstream media has painted a negative picture of feminism and its theories. I myself, used to think that to be a feminist one had to be very aggressive about women's issues and to look at it as a fight of man vs. woman. This is not the case at all. Feminists are not man-haters and it is not a battle AGAINST anyone, but a battle FOR something. A battle for justice, equality, rights, and a voice.
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Initially, I enjoyed reading your Direct Engagement essay. Your "it's in our hands to dissect..." statement hit the concept on the nose for me. Whether it's the internet or the ambiguity of the feminism definition, it is so imperative to be knowledgeable about what you're interpreting in your lifetime. Since this is my first class speaking toward feminism, I find myself asking a lot of questions to gain an adequate perspective about the concept. The internet could be a great place to inquire. I agree that in our lifetime, the internet is such an amazing tool, but like almost everything in life, we need to keep a critical eye. Like you said, the internet has such potential to be a perfect climate for feminism awareness. With the internet, the world can be connected in ways that are breaking historical records, but for I feel like to engage people in a topic (such as feminism) we need to have precautions. Since almost everyone has access to the internet, negative information could be detrimental to the development of feminism awareness. But maybe that is what feminism is welcoming; retaliation and diversity in comments about the subject may push us closer to understanding the ambiguous question, "what is feminism?"

I enjoyed reading this Direct Engagement essay because I thought about the same thing while reading and while reading these blogs: what about the negative information that can be spread just as easily. I was one of those people who heard the word feminist and thought of aggressive, man-hating angry women. Worse yet, I thought it was ok to think that because I am a woman myself. Negative information is so easily spread, you can see it in mass media (news, magazines, newspapers etc)with basically anything. However, feminists have to use the internet and all its attachments to get the RIGHT understanding out there. I also agree with the first comment that maybe asking the question "what is feminism" and dealing with all of the ignorance will just keep people talking about it. Which is essentially what needs to happen. I believe that social media and media in general are always going to be imperative for movements or perspectives that are working towards equality.

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