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We are now living in the age of the internet. Where facebook, twitter and other social networking sites consume the majority of people's time. On their breaks from work they check their Farmville or in the middle of a meeting they tweet. With so much attention to these forms of media some may argue movements, such as the feminist movement, should take advantage to spread the word. Although this is a potential method to spread knowledge and truth, individuals must remember the impact one click can have in addition to the possibility of trivializing a very important argument.

By using these social media outlets to express thoughts and theories people are able to reach a large amount of people coming from diverse backgrounds and situations in life. I believe it is important to remember however, that since so many individuals post obsessively this could take away the significance and power of an argument sent out into cyberspace. I feel the best way to educate people would be by restructuring the way in which the media (movies, news, advertisements, etc.) portray feminist issues. "Mainstream patriarchal mass media," (as bell hooks puts it) emphasizes heteronormativity, which allows for othering of a large number of people who do not fit in these roles developed by institutions that are reiterated through these forms of media. These forms of media, which bombard people every minute of every day, are the means that influence societies socialization and impact how citizens partake and understand gender roles, sexuality and the world.

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I would have to agree with both points that you are making. It is true that the internet is at almost everyone's finger tips in today's society and I think that discussing issues such as feminist movement and theory on twitter, blogs, and facebook is a good place to start reflecting/forming opinions about feminism, and also learn about other people's thoughts and reflections. I agree with you that these internet spaces may diminish the importance of an important topic because people seem to say whatever is on their minds without much thought most of the time, and this could be dangerous with other people reading and thinking about these unthoughtful statements. I do think that the internet is a good starting point but not completely adequate when considering the extreme importance of educating people of all realms of our society. bell hook discusses the importance of educating our youths about the feminist movement and feminist theory and i would have to agree with her. Like you stated above television, movies, advertisements, etc. are the forms of media that seek our attention every day and these are the outlets that will be most readily seen and understood by people in our society. bell hook also discussed this idea of placing education in relation to feminism in the media to combat the antifeminist media forms in our society. Another thing that bell hook discussed that I think is another way to raise awareness and increase feminist education, is men that are educated in feminist movement and theory speaking out and raising awareness. I think that you made some very valid points in your first direct engagement and it was a privilege to read and comment on.

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