Day Six: February 7


In today's class, we are discussing Feminism and Discord. In addition to discussing the readings (and your DE posts and comments), we will reflect on the question, What is Feminist Debate? Here are some key topics for today's discussion:

  • What is the value of difficulty and difficult labor? 
  • What is difficult about engaging in feminist discussions and critical reflections on feminist issues?
  • How can we engage in the difficult labor within the classroom? Outside of the classroom?
  • What is the place for emotion in feminist debate/feminist reflection? Anger? Frustration? Feelings of hopelessness and being overwhelmed? Joy? Happiness? Hope?
  • Annslie: "What I'm still wondering though is how does academia then get itself a reality check? I mean, how are we able to begin the discourse around issues and subjects that make people uncomfortable and challenge strong held beliefs or ideologies of a given field like feminism?" 
  • Madeleine: "There's an interesting correlation between what you're saying here and what the DE entries were about last week (feminism in social media). Someone made a point about how they didn't think feminism blogs and accessible feminist sources outside the academy would be effective, because only people who are already feminists would read them. These blogs and other social media get feminism out of its position of "locked away in academia", in your words, but how do get feminism out of its "snug room", as Castro puts it?" 
  • How do we make feminist education/ideas/information accessible? 
  • Are tensions and differences always bad and limiting to feminist movement?

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