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In my personal opinion, choice as a concept is so essential for feminism because it's about autonomy, which was historically only given to men, so personal choice over things like lifestyle and body become a central issue and thus a topic of much debate in feminism, as all of these articles have proven.

One thing that I could not get past in all of the readings, however, was the topic of choice as just a women's issue. Because, quite frankly, women are not the only ones affected by birth control and abortion, seeing how everyone with a uterus is not a woman, and not all women have uteri. The blatant trans* erasure in these articles was sad, especially since some of them were so recent. I think that the feminist movement really needs to think about the way they write about things like choice as just a women's issue and how it enforces the gender binary as well as genital essentialism. There's plenty of language that is much more open-ended that is available for use, if people take the time to do the research and learn. Terms like "uterus-bearer" and "FAAB" (Female Assigned at Birth) are at least a start for eliminating trans* erasure, but it's something that really needs a lot more attention and discussion, and definitely more involvement from trans* activists in the feminist debate on choice. In my opinion, feminism is about the equality of all genders, so it's important to prevent erasure.

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I understand your frustration with the topic of choice being only a women's issue, and the focus on gender binary in much of feminist theory. Reading your Direct Entry made me curious about man's right to choose. It's a stretch, believe me, but also interesting. I googled "man's right to choose" and came across this: If a woman decides to have a baby even if the man did not want to have a baby, the man still must pay child support. If a woman decides to not have a baby, she gets that choice. Yes, men can always just "walk away" from the situation and choose to not become a parent, but they are in some cases forced to pay child support. This shows an instance of someone preventing the choice of someone else. I have no clue on the actual number of men who end up paying child support, and I don't believe that paying child support makes you a parent, and a man's choice to not be a parent is much less stigmatized than a woman's, and not to mention the fact that it is the woman's BODY being dealt with and not the man's, but it is still an interesting perspective to struggle with. But yes, almost more important is hearing a perspective from ALL genders, and giving a voice to each community, or more involvement from trans* activists as you said, is essential in working through this debate of choice. A genuine curiosity of other's perspectives and a genuine understanding of others unlike your self is definitely crucial.

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