DE Question for feb 21

hp_naral_logo.gifWhat is choice? Is the right to choose the most fundamental right for feminists? Are there other rights that are just as important? Should there be limits to our ability to "choose"? Who gets to decide those limits?

Focus your direct engagement on how some or all (Ross, Sayce/Perkins, Crews, "On Language," Smith) enage with these questions.

This direct engagement is for Group B. Groups B and C will be commenting. 

Note: For some reason, the reading schedule is currently not available. Here are the readings for next week:

feb 21 Reproductive Rights: What is choice? Who gets to choose?    
            What choices? 


  • Ross, Loretta J. "The Color of Choice" 
  • Crews, Allison. "And So I Chose" 
  • Sayce, Liz and Rachel Perkins. "They should not breed: Feminism, disability and reproductive rights" 
  • "Language: On choice" 
  • Smith, Andrea. "Beyond Pro-Choice Versus Pro-Life: Women of Color and Reproductive Justice" 
feb 23 On Choice, continued... 



Groups *D* and C are commenting this week. Right?

Oops. Yes--groups c and d are commenting.

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