Feminist Reflection Papers: Some Thoughts


On Wednesday, you will be breaking up into groups in order to discuss your definitions/reflections on feminism. To prepare, you should do the following:

  1. Bring a tweet-length version of your definition of/reflection on feminism (140 characters or less) to share with your group members. 
  2. Also bring a one paragraph discussion of an example that helps to support and explain your definition. 

I have really enjoyed reading your papers about feminism. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Firstbell hooks is not capitalized. Want to know why? Read this

Second, while I don't expect you to know everything about feminism/s (who could?), you are expected to explain and support the claims that you do make with evidence. Don't make broad and over-generalized claims. Instead, focus on making claims that you can support and explain.

  • Assume your reader hasn't read the articles and doesn't know much about the topic. Make sure to always explain the claims that you are making and the passages you are providing. 
  • Use the readings to help you to develop your points. Your arguments about feminism (or about the various issues) should be taken from and/or directly put into conversation with the readings. 
  • Avoid phrases like: "some people" (unless it is followed by, such as "author x") or "all feminists."

Third, as promised (in class on Wednesday), here's some more information about Using semicolons. Check out this helpful entry by Oatmeal that explains when and how to use semicolons. 

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