Music....feminist issue?


I was listening so some of my favorite Pandora artists when an artist I really enjoy listening to named, CocoRosie, came on. I had never heard this song of hers titled, "By Your Side". I listened to the entire song and could not believe my ears. This woman was singing about how she would love to be her lover's housewife and nothing more. The part that surprised me the most was that this was coming from a female artist. It is not a new discovery to find male artists slandering women with slang terms and degrading them, but I never thought I would hear one of my newly discovered favorite female artists wanting to be nothing more than a servant to this man! Do you think that she is using sarcasm as a tool to bring the issue of women in songs to light? Is this a feminist issue, or just a simple song displaying a devotional love for a lover? How do you feel after listening to the song? Do you find yourself seeing AND hearing more and more feminist issues?

I'll always be by your side
Even when you're down and out
I'll always be by your side
Even when you're down and out
I just wanted to be your housewife
All i wanted was to be your housewife
I'll iron your clothes
I'll shine your shoes
I'll make your bed
And cook your food
I'll never cheat

I'll be the best girl you'll ever meet
And for a diamond ring
I'll do these kinds of things
I'll scrub your floor
Never be a bore
I'll tuck you in
I do not snore
I'd wear your black eyes
Bake you apple pies
I don't ask why
And i trys not to crys

I'll always be by your side
Even when you're down and out
I'll always be by your side
Even when you're down and out
And its nearly midnight
And all i want with my life
Is to be a housewife
Is to be a housewife
'Cause it's nearly midnight
And all i want with my life
Is to die a housewife

Is to die a housewife

Here's the link to the URL to the music video, because I couldn't attach it the the entry. Please watch and listen!


I'm actually less concerned about the expression of desire to be a housewife (seeing as a woman's path in life is her decision, and some women DO desire to be housewives, and we should NOT patronize that), and more concerned about the mention of abuse in the line "I'd wear your black eyes." Being a housewife in a healthy relationship is one thing, but endorsing abuse is a whole other area of concern.

Without background knowledge about the artist, I can't really say whether or not it's satire. If it is, I think it's obnoxiously clever, but if not, the abuse element is a little frightening, although not all too surprising considering the music industry.

I would like to think that this is a song that is trying to make a statement and put things out on the table, but as srawrrr said if it is not some of the lyrics are quite concerning. The mention of "YOUR housewife" seems interesting to me also. It appears it isn't the fact she just wants to stay home for her own well being and to achieve her happiness but rather for this specific person. This in essence is placing her as a piece of property for her significant other to use and, as the lyrics suggest, abuse.

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