Study: Kids' weight increases when mom works more



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1.) Should working mothers take the blame for children gaining weight?

2.) Should mother's be held solely responsible for their children's diet and health?

"We don't have a choice. We have to go to work," Han said. "How does society as a whole support working families so I still am able to provide healthy food for children, so their weight will not be compromised?"

3.) What do you think of this quote?


I actually just read a really great analysis of this study and the way the media has been portraying it. Unsurprisingly, the media has greatly exaggerated the results. The actual numbers are that a child with a working mother gains 1 more pound than expected every five months.

My question is, why does the media feel the need to make such a big deal out of it? Just to enforce gender roles, guilt women into being stay at home moms? And why weren't the contributions of the fathers to child rearing considered?


Awesome analysis. That analysis brings up so many goods points. How come the employment of the father was not taken into account? I think the possibility of confounding variables being responsible for children's weight gain is highly likely. With the rate of obesity in this country I don't think it's hard to find a common thread between the multitude of overweight children. Could it be the food in this country? After all our meat is pumped with hormones, our boxed goods doused with additives, and with a fast food restaurant on every corner it's not surprise America isn't healthy. It's also no surprise that there are overweight children with working mothers; after all 70% of women are in the work force and of course the majority have children. I mean, shouldn't it be considered that the majority of the country has been progressively growing obese within recent decades?...not just the youth. The article was careless and exaggerative. These types of pseudo-science studies should be read critically and suspiciously.

This is awesome. Thanks for bringing this up. I strongly feel this is a feminist issue which ought to be studied with all references. Why should a mother be blame for her child’s obesity? I actually don’t know why men and society always try to blame mothers for any fault or wrong noticed in children. I thought this was a cultural issue but seeing this changed by view. In my culture, every child's fault or wrong behavior are always known to be the mothers. Even to the extent of blaming a mother for her child's death or illness. They say..."every bad child belongs to the mother and the good ones belongs to the father". They believe a father's contribution to the house is as a function of his bank account. I mean his only contribution is in his finances.

i dont agree when someone blame mothers for her child's obesity. Why dont blame fathers? Child was born by parents, not only mothers or fathers. Therefore, both should be responsible for child's obesity or doing wrong. Fathers can work outside many times they want to do without blame for child's obesity, but why mothers cannot?
It's weird that when child is doing something good or get perfect shape, everybody has never braved to mothers, always braved for fathers only. I think society should change a look to mothers, not blame everything to mothers.

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