Day Eighteen: March 28


Today's discussion includes the film, Maid in America, and the following readings:


We will spend a lot of time discussing the film and then moving into the readings. We will continue discussing the readings/websites on Wednesday. 

  • Who are the women in this film? TELMA, JUDITH, EVA
  • What are their stories? Key issues? 
Critical Engagement: 
Issue One: the American Dream
  • What is the American Dream? 
  • What sort of values does the "american dream" promote/perpetuate? neoliberalism choice
  • What are some problems with the vision of the American Dream from a feminist perspective?
  • What important questions aren't posed/explored when we don't critically interrogate the American Dream?
  • How does the film challenge and/or reinforce the ideology of an American Dream?
Issue Two: 
"Rights as Workers in this Country and as human beings around the World"
Issue Three: Ethical and Political Evaluation
  • How can/should/do we ethically evaluate this issue? 
  • How should we frame our ethical and political reflection? 
  • Which questions should we pose? Which ones should we try to answer?
Issue Four: Resistance and Agency
  • Hondagneu-Sotelo argues for reform and working within the system--not to abolish but to upgrade the occupation--in order to transform domestic work (210). What are some strategies she describes?
  • Do the reforms she proposes come at the expense of revolutionary/radical/visionary change? Do her reforms merely serve to work within and reinforce the system or to do something else? 
  • What types of resistance and agency are the women in the film expressing/performing? 
  • Are these women resistant or merely reinforcing ideologies about the American Dream/Worker? (How) can we imagine them as neither victims or uncritical success stories?
  • What is the value of organizing? Making others critically aware?
How can we compare/contrast the movie, Maid In America, with La Colectiva's video:

Comunicando Poder y Esperanza from la colectiva on Vimeo.

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