Day Seventeen: March 21


I will not be in class on Wednesday. You will be watching the film, Maid in America. The diablog question for the week is related to the film. I will post more details soon. 

Discuss: This is a feminist issue because...: Is being sexy just all a part of the job?

What are the different forms of labor that workers need to do in various gendered professions? What about emotional labor?

Some important information:

  1. Final Group Project assignments
  2. Revised Due Dates
  3. Some thoughts about your papers
Reading Discussion: 
  • What is the care industry? Global care chain? How does this global care chain create relationships between women and across nations?
  • What kind of labor is domestic labor? How is it different from other forms of labor? 
  • What is the role of love/care in this labor? How is love a resource?
  • What do you think of Hochschild's need to develop a global sense of ethics?
  • How can we think about Hochschild's arguments in relation to Latoya Peterson's (editor of Racialicious): "Don't You Just Love Your [insert ethnicity here] Nanny?"
Want to read more? Check out what I wrote about the Nanny Problem and Alice from the Brady Bunch: The Trouble with Alice

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