This is a Feminist Issue Because... Trans* Readings


So in class on Monday, I mentioned that none of our readings were trans* inclusive, and Sara said that I should look into some resources for the class. I know that the unit on reproductive rights/justice is ending, but I found some things to take a look at and consider, even as we move into other units. Trans* inclusive language is important throughout all of feminism, not just this one topic.

A blog post by MidwestGenderqueer about gender-inclusive language and spaces in the women's rights movement

An essay by Dean Spade, an Assistant Professor at Seattle University School of Law, on gender-inclusive language in general

NOW saying a few words on the Transgender day of Remembrance (includes some discussion of gender-inclusive language)

Some posts from the blog Cuntastic discussing different Queer and Trans* topics in relation to reproductive issues

Note: I wasn't really sure what to put this under, so I just stuck it under "This is a feminist Issue Because..." kind of arbitrarily, kind of because it actually is a feminist issue.

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