Who is...Betty Friedan?


Next week we are reading an excerpt from Betty Friedan's feminist classic, The Feminine Mystique. But, who is Betty Friedan? For more information on her, check out this interview from PBS, or skim The Feminine Mystique via amazon.com, or read this great obituary (she died in 2006) by Katha Pollitt, or watch this early youtube clip from 1964:

While often referred to "the mother of second wave feminism," Betty Friedan's beliefs about who should and shouldn't be included within feminism created a lot of division in the movement. Last week in class Jackson mentioned Friedan's homophobia. Here's some more about her labeling of lesbians as the lavender menace.

A new book about Betty Friedan and The Feminine Mystique was just published in January. Here's a review of it: Why the Women's Movement Needed The Feminine Mystique

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