Lingerie Football League..... Is this a Feminist Issue?

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The Lingerie Football League is gaining popularity throughout the country especially since there is a potential lockout with the NFL. This is hitting closer to home too since Minnesota is on the verge of hosting a team. Is this sport degrading towards women? Is it really necessary that they play in lingerie? Why can't they wear uniforms like NFL players?

Here is a site to read more about if you want more information.


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Ya, the LFL confuses me. Tell me if I'm wrong, but I've always been under the impression that these women are truly athletic and very into playing football. It pisses me off that women's athletics only gain so much attention when they are playing in lingerie. Even other sports where they are not playing in lingerie, once there is a "hot" athlete on the team there is suddenly MUCH more publicity surrounding the women's leagues of that sport (For example Anna Kournikova, Maria Sharapova, Jennie Finch, etc). There's not much talk about how well they play the sport, though. Also...all of these LFL women seriously look like models...are women athletes or women football players not put on the team if they do not meet that specific "standard" of beauty? Then again, putting the best athletes on the field might not be their first priority...

There are well respected female athletes, I just wish there were more. As for these women playing LFL, if they are having fun then that's great, but I do wish these women could play football in actual uniforms and still gain the same amount of attention.

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