Skinny Products as a feminist issue....


Skinny Products like "Skinny Girl Margarita" as a feminist issue....

What are these new "skinny" products saying to the image of women in our society?
The Skinny girl margarita is a popular drink created by Bethany Frankel a reality star on Bravo.... are products like Bethany's potentially harmful or harmless?
Are messages about getting skinny, and staying skinny promoting an impossible image for women to reach?
What will reaching these farfetched images of beauty result in?

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I think that you could take two different takes from this idea. One being, that yes this is a feminist issue. Women should not be subject to having to be skinny to fit into social "norms." Women should do whatever makes them feel good and shouldn't have to fit into Hollywoods stereotypes. The other view could be that this is for their health. Although this may be naive, this is like a diet product and for people who are watching their calories, fat, etc.

Jon, I can see where you're coming from, but I personally think that the "it's for their health" argument is iffy at best.
First off, there's the way it's marketed. It's not for healthy girls, it's not lo-cal, it's just for SKINNY girls. It's not promoting being healthy, but rather being skinny, and there's a huge difference. Skinny does not equal healthy. It is perfectly possible, and common, to be skinny and unhealthy or overweight (or obese) and still be healthy. The truth is that more often than not, weight gain is either genetic or caused BY some health problem, rather than vice versa.
If you want to do further reading about this kind of thing, the Fat Acceptance movement would be a great thing to do some research on.

This is an interesting topic. I think that this product is marketed to those that want to be skinny yes but what gets me is that this product is based upon one woman's weight issue which she has chosen to market. I'm not sure if you have ever seen her show but she almost never eats, she does however drink a lot. For me giving the impression that replacing food with alcohol is sheik being that these are New York women.I don't believe Frankle ever over came her food issues and she's passing it on to other women.

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