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We chose to develop a blog on the Beauty Myth. We chose because it is an accessible blog site, largely due to the fact that it allows public access. This is not so for other blog sites, which discourages a great portion of the population from participating because many people do not want to have to make a blog account of their own. In addition to posting and updating our blog, we added our blog to the and databases. This allows a wider audience to come across the information posted without specifically searching for it. People are currently sharing information through a number of websites on the Internet. These sites include Facebook, blogs, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. People are able to communicate, discuss, and share information with others near or far from them. With public access to a number of these sites other individuals can gain access to this information even if it was not originally intended for them to view or read. We can use social media to spread awareness and curiosity about feminism by bombarding the Internet with posts, blogs, and discussions. With more information on the topic of feminism it gains more public exposure and likelihood for awareness. Although more information about the topic out in cyberspace increases the likelihood of people coming across the information there are still limitations to social media sites--especially blogs. Limitations of blogs include the fact that they are not as widespread as other social network websites. This is due to the fact that one needs to have knowledge of how to navigate, gain access, and initiate dialogues on blog websites. If one is not familiar with this form of social media, and has never had exposure to it before, the fact the information is out there in this form will not necessarily reach them or encourage a dialogue between them and others on the issues posted.

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