This is a Feminist Issue because....everyone SHOULD be accepting


I came across this on To me this is encouraging ignorance and promoting inequalities and discrimination. What are your thoughts?


Ya, wow...the title made it seem like the bill was to prohibit saying "gay" in a derogatory way, which I was all for, I was shocked when I saw what the "don't say gay" bill was actually about. Yes, I agree this just encourages ignorance. He says it's just "too complex" of an issue, but I think ignoring it will just make it more complex. Homosexuality shouldn't be seen as an "issue". I think the more its talked about, the more more its understood, and the more its understood, the more accepted it can become. It's sad to see a bill be passed that is perpetuating really seems like a couple steps backwards from a future without inequalities.

I completely agree with you. Without discussion awareness and acceptance cannot be achieved. I would think that in this day and age we would be past passing bills that encouraged and made it okay to discriminate. Homosexuality is not an issue, as you said, but with bills and perceptions that this perpetuates it will be hard for younger generations to see the truth, and this bill is specifically affecting children (K-8) who are easily influenced. In addition it is going against what education stands for-- knowledge and understanding. I just don't see how this bill is constitutional or how the national government is not doing anything about it.

I agree with both of you. The idea that there are people out there that are promoting ignorance seems to be crazy. Ignorance is not "bliss" as they say and it does not protect anybody or anything. We need to be promoting mass education of these issues. There are always going to be crazies out there who want to use certain social stigmas and people's natural ignorance or fear to push their ideas or agendas forward. It is sad to thing that we are making homosexuality an issue like this. We need young people to be educated and accepting about a variety of things. Only then can society move forward.

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