This is a feminist Issue....J Crew Ad


There seems to be a huge controversy over an ad published by J.Crew. I received the ad myself via email and thought nothing of it. However all the major networks felt differently as they all reported on this. Specialists were brought in to comment on apparent "gender bending" that occurred in this ad. Some claimed that the ad was promoting the feminizing little boys. It seemed a little crazy to make such a big deal about about a mother and child having a little fun. Is this gender bending? If it is why is that an issue? Why is it ok to make girls act more like boy but not the other way around? Was this ad meant to promote so called "gender bending" or was it just designed to promote J.Crew?

This link is just one of many about this topic.


The critics of this ad seem absolutely ridiculous to me. A mother and son having fun together has nothing to do with "feminizing" a "gender confused" son. And so what if it does? I think that this so called gender bending is a source of fear. The people making this claim are either ill-educated to the feminist movement, or hold a fear of feminine sons. If girls can be tomboys, boys can be just as equally, princesses. It's a shame that such an innocent ad is getting such negative attention from critics that are clearly terrified to bend our societal "rules" of masculinity.

I feel the same way as you guys, to me the ad just didn't seem like that big of a deal. I would never have even thought to attach the words "feminizing" or "gender confused" to the ad at first view. I feel as though what this mother was doing was very good for her son, simply letting him be who he is and enjoying what he likes. I agree with you Lindsey, I think the people who took such an offense to this ad are feeding into the misconceptions of feminism, and are obviously not educated or ill-educated on what it truly is. I think this was mentioned in class as well, but I have seen this occur many times. A girl who acts or likes things that are considered "boy things" is viewed much less harshly than when it occurs vice versa, as in this ad. I find this very interesting, why would this be? Is it because if boys like "girl things" they are seen as less powerful, weak ect?

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