Final Project Reflection


Within all of the movements addressed within a 'Feminist Critique of Priorities in Academia', social media often played a larger role in publicity and mobilization of the projects. As was made evident within the Put This On The Map project, the Whose University project, and the Campaign for Non-Violent Schools these movements have made use of video footage, blogging, Facebook, texting and Twitter. All of these social media outlets have been used to spread awareness about issues concerning who's knowledge is valued, who is supported within academia and the ways in which funding reflects who/what is prioritized. Not only were these organizations creating their own social media projects by creating Facebook, Twitter and You Tube accounts, but their movements also were further publicized by the media through such means.
While these social media outlets are very beneficial to these movements, when looking at accessibility it's important to remember that these movements were focused around academia. Because of the location of these movements within university and high school systems the populations mobilizing within these movements were all likely to have equal access to the necessary technology. Given the priority of internet access within academia as a whole, we must remember that social media is accessible to these specific populations but still remains limited to the larger world.
In this sense we can understand social media as being beneficial within academic circles as it allows for a spread of consciousness and exchange of ideas surrounding feminist issues. Ideally when individuals develop awareness around issues, they and are provided with a critical exchange of feminist ideas which have the potential to spark feminist curiosity.

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