Part III Gender and Perfume


We decided to create our own blog where we could post any and all questions or observations we've had about perfume and cologne ads:

Gender Scents Blog

We focused on the different marketing strategies that are meant to appeal to men, women, or both by using the widely popular "sex sells" formula as well as others. We had many curiosities about the gender division of scents and the way in which advertisements perpetuate traditional gender identities. There was also the question about why it is specifically fragrance products that so often use sex and gender as marketing strategies.

While perfume and cologne advertisements are found in many public spaces: billboards, magazines, television, etc. these spaces do not allow for comparing and discussion. Taking these images and putting them all together on a blog on the internet provides a forum of discussion for literally anyone with access to the internet. Finding them all in one place presented in such a way that invokes curiosity (like the way we have, posing questions and our own curiosities) opens up discussion. Social media such as this is a way to share information because it allows individuals to come across perspectives and insights that they may not have otherwise. This accessibility that the internet provides is what we had in mind for our project as a feminist issue. The more accessible information is made, the more knowledge people can gain. Our blog can be even more accessible through linking to popular social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

Courtney, Thanh, Meghan, Madeleine, Jordan

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