Here is a breakdown of assignments. More details about each assignment will be posted in the upcoming weeks. For general descriptions of the assignments, see the syllabus.

Paper #1: Reflection paper 50 points a. assignment
Papers #2 and #3: State of the Issue 2 @100 = 200 points a. assignment
Paper #4: Revised paper
150 points a. assignment
General Blog/Twitter Assignments 200 points a. assignment b. worksheet c.old due dates
Group Resources Project
 200 points a. pdf b. list of group members
Attendance and Participation 200 points


Some general guidelines for all paper assignments:

  1. All papers must be printed out and handed in at the beginning of class on the date due. 
  2. Make sure to carefully proofread your papers. 
  3. Always include works cited (cite blog entries, tweets too) at the end of your paper. Use MLA style. Here's a MLA online citation guide. Here's a link on how to cite twitter and facebook in MLA. 

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