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We chose to develop a blog on the Beauty Myth. We chose because it is an accessible blog site, largely due to the fact that it allows public access. This is not so for other blog sites, which discourages a great portion of the population from participating because many people do not want to have to make a blog account of their own. In addition to posting and updating our blog, we added our blog to the and databases. This allows a wider audience to come across the information posted without specifically searching for it. People are currently sharing information through a number of websites on the Internet. These sites include Facebook, blogs, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. People are able to communicate, discuss, and share information with others near or far from them. With public access to a number of these sites other individuals can gain access to this information even if it was not originally intended for them to view or read. We can use social media to spread awareness and curiosity about feminism by bombarding the Internet with posts, blogs, and discussions. With more information on the topic of feminism it gains more public exposure and likelihood for awareness. Although more information about the topic out in cyberspace increases the likelihood of people coming across the information there are still limitations to social media sites--especially blogs. Limitations of blogs include the fact that they are not as widespread as other social network websites. This is due to the fact that one needs to have knowledge of how to navigate, gain access, and initiate dialogues on blog websites. If one is not familiar with this form of social media, and has never had exposure to it before, the fact the information is out there in this form will not necessarily reach them or encourage a dialogue between them and others on the issues posted.

Stage Two- The Beauty Myth

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Part One: I found this source to be very relevant to the topic, as it directly discusses the issues surrounding conceptions of female beauty within feminism, and offers multiple feminist views concerning 'ideal' beauty and the implications of society's emphasis on female beauty. I also found the source to be moderately reliable, as it was posted on an "opinion" web forum and not in a peer-reviewed journal, which would have required that scholars within the field critique the article. However, it is still moderately reliable, because the author draws from outside sources within the field of feminism. The information presented within the article is incredibly valuable, as Phelan not only brings to light the common beauty rituals that we as a society take for granted (waxing, makeup, shaving, etc.), but also what purpose these rituals might serve, and how these rituals might be oppressive.

Part Two:This resource is accessible to anyone with access to the Internet, which, in some communities, might be very limited, or even nonexistent. Also, while the article is itself geared toward a more general audience, it requires that the audience be somewhat familiar with feminism and the issues that some feminists might have with society's conception of female beauty. Therefore, I would say that the source is only widely accessible to people of middle- to upper class with high school or college education.

Part One: This blog is relevant to our topic The Beauty Myth in that it has several posts that discuss this phenomenon. They discuss this in regards to gaming, to one's personal perception of their body, and to society's expectations, pressures and perception of bodies in the binary gender context. Although the bloggers are not well known they seem to care about the topics they discuss and promote discussion on these issues. The reader must keep in mind, however, these are the points of view of individuals and they can be engaged with and challenged. With this understanding I believe the information is valuable in that it can arouse curiosity in order to dig in deeper and challenge one's own beliefs on the topic in conjuncture with the blog's stance.

Part Two: This resource is quite accessible to those with Internet access. However, like many blog and websites one must be looking for the topics/issues it pertains to specifically in order to engage with the website. In order to get a wider audience publicity is needed. This can come from those who follow the blog telling those close to them about it (word by mouth) or through other ads and websites (one that comes to mind in With trusting followers to perk up interest and curiosity in their acquaintances and loved ones, and by using sources that a large diverse population uses for many means, they may be able to have more conversations and more of an impact with a even more diverse group of people.


Stage 1- Sources: The Beauty Myth

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Our topic is the Beauty Myth. Here are the sources we have compiled. Click below to check them out.