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To Us Feminism Is:


Feminism is bringing awareness to each personal and independent view of the world by incorporating many lenses, not simply one's own gender or one's own sexuality. Feminism is to question the status quo, not as a means toward finding concrete answers or pitting the sexes and sexualities against each other, but to create a process of change moving toward equality for every gender, sexuality, race... etc. Feminism is not a war between lesbians and men, nor is it a war at all. The purpose of feminism is to create empowerment in the hearts of people regardless of who they are or where they come from. The feminist front is in the heart of everyone not just women, not just in the workplace, not just in law. The feminist front is carried individually in ideals, questions, classrooms, workplaces, court rooms, and anywhere people find themselves.

What is Feminism?


We were able to agree on three main points of feminism:
1. It is to help equality between genders in terms of reproductive and sexual rights as well as social status.
2. It is a general understanding that gender rules can be broken.
3. It is to break women out of an objectification modality.

Reid, Mohamed, Simi, Lindsey.

what is feminism?


Group: Erin B, Sara H & Thanh thuy N

Feminism is difficult to define due to the diversity of opinions within and about the movement. Group members agree that at its core feminism is a state of mind, a perspective that affects the way we analyze and critique the social world in terms of equality.

What is Feminism?....


The movement towards true gender equality. The theory is recognizing the way women have been marginalized in history and in today's society. Also recognizing and removing inherent assumption and biases from the American psyche.

Carly John and Jackson

What is feminism?


We decided to keep our definition of feminism short and sweet because we found that there are many aspects to feminism. If we make the definition too complex than too many important parts of what makes feminism are left out. Thus what we decided on was: feminism is the radical notion that women are people. Although the definition was inspired by a bumper sticker that one of our group members saw, we collectively decided that this was the best possible definition for what feminism is.

What is feminism......?


Feminism is:

*having the knowledge/ability to make educated choices
*the ability to use your own body according to how you see fit
*is existent everywhere, in all contexts and cultures; however, certain ideas/issues may take precedence over others
*the ability to ask/want/have/need an ever-changing perspective of personal/local/national/global human issues
*all-encompassing equality
- pay
-sexual expression
-personal expression
-responsibility within society
-etc., etc.

We think feminism is...


We believe that feminism means equality among all people, no matter what race/gender/sexuality/religion etc. a person might classify his/herself as.

Feminism is...


a lens or perspective; there are many different kinds
a movement striving for equality between genders
an understanding of intersections related to labor, class, race, and civil rights


We think feminism is an umbrella term that encompasses a variety of different meanings according to different persons. We think it is important to take into account that feminism tends to take a blind eye to other factors such as race and socioeconomic status.

feminism (some other definitions and thoughts)

1. A woman who expresses an opinion that differs from that of a doormat or prostitute
2. A woman who is looking for equality among all areas concerning sex, race, and socioeconomic injustices. -HD
3. the idea that there are sex, socioeconomic, and racial inequalities in the world and feminism works to improve those inequalities through the belief that all humans are equal....feminism just happens to focus on sex inequality in a realm of inequalities that are all intertwined. -AO
Alexandra Orr, Annslie Rustad, Hana Djihic, Gina Cristian