Being pro choice


This image really stood out to me helping to explain what it means to be pro-choice. It made me think about Crew's explanation of what choice means. Being pro-choice doesn't mean you have to have had or would have an abortion, but it means that you support the choices that women make. What do you guys think or what does this image say to you??




This picture says being pro-choice means more than just being pro-abortion. If pro-choice only meant pro-abortion then this daughter pictured would have never been born. It's visual proof that pro-choice people don't think all pregnancies should lead to abortion. This woman's mom is pro-choice and chose to have her.

I also enjoyed this image. It says a lot about what kind of feminist she is but also doesn't attack anyone to be like her. I think it is a strong message to do what you believe and being pro-choice allows everyone to have the opportunity to do what they think is the "right" thing to do. To me i agree with this statement and am inspired by this women not only because of what the sign says but also the fact that she can openly express how she feels but seems to make it welcoming to others and what they believe in.

This image captivates such a huge issue in our society. I am pro-choice and I believe no one should ever get to take my right to choose how I live my life. Whether the topic is gay marriage or whether I am pregnant debating on getting an abortion. Those are our rights. Gay marriage is one topic I hate to see people even discussing. Why should one person be able to tell another who they can or can not marry. It comes down to religion in most arguments, but what happened to freedom of religion or not even believing in a religion at all. People get so caught up in the "social norms" and its unbelievable.

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