Diablog #3, Initial Post


Out of the four reading assignments, my personal favorites where The Native Youth Sexual Health Network, and the Abortion Gang. I feel that in order to get people to really listen and take the facts into consideration, there has to be some sort of "shock value" involved. The latter two include that into their websites just by the way they word their statements. For example, the Abortion Gang states:

"We call ourselves feminists, womanists, womyn, wimmin, grrls, bois, men, women. We are cis gender, we are trans women, we're straight men, we are gender queer. We have sex with anything that moves, we are abstinent, we are poly amorous.

And we stand for choice."

That small excerpt was something that really spoke to me, because it is full of meaning.

I feel that it would be beneficial to not only us, but the rest of the class as well, if we did in-depth research about what kind of funding certain schools get. Is there more funding for sexuality and reproductive health courses are predominately white schools? I am not at all familiar with how many schools actually provide a course like this. It was required for me to take a sexual education course in 10th grade, but I feel that sex ed and sexuality and reproductive health courses are two completely different things. There could be so much information that young kids and adults are missing out on that could have changed lives.

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