I word Sumamry


After our discussion of the week, I do think that we should drop the I-word. Most of people agree my opinion. We do think that i-word has been used to discredit entire populations, and it is a bad thing to belittle some other people. I don't think that the whole population has a different idea to think about or talk about illegal immigrants. I-word may be a word which is not very nice, and we do need to stop using that. In general, illegal immigration is a big problem, but I don't think people should take care of these things instead of government because it is disrespect. We should eliminate the I-word. People should not call some other people who are illegal immigrates at least. I do think it is not people's business to judge some other people are legal or not legal. In general, some illegal immigrants may be against the law because they don't pay taxes or don't have rights to live there. As I said, everyone should follow laws, and it is the reason that we need the government. The congress makes the immigration law, so everyone should follow it. Only the federal government or state government have rights to decide what or when they need to work or how they deal with these things. If people don't have evidences, I don't think they should call some people are illegal people or some kind of these words. I think that people should emphasis that how we need to change the immigration law or what we need to take care of immigration instead of calling some people are illegal immigrants. The U.S. is a country which is based on immigrants. The government or people do have rights to think about that how we can make more qualify people to stay in the U.S. because high educational people can create much more profits for the United States of America. Immigration may be a tough problem because the government does want high educational people to stay in the U.S., but they don't want to take care of many and many people. I do think it is a fact in our society. As I said, everyone should follow the law because it is a thing that we need to do in a democrat society.

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