Reflection: Diablog #3

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I felt as though the hardest part of our topic was understanding what reproductive justice actually was. It was so similar to pro-choice and pro-life that it was hard to distinguish what the real definition was. With the inability to post on Sunday night, and for being about a day behind, I feel as though our presentation went better than expected. I was nervous because we had done a substantial amount of talking via the blog, but we hadn't exactly planned what we were going to do. I came into class with a set of ideas that we could possibly use, and I'm glad they worked out. The blog is difficult to maneuver sometimes, especially when there aren't responses right away. I feel that more effective way of communication would be using a live chat session. I realize that it would be difficult to get everyone into one group at the same time, but even if there were a couple people having a live conversation and making decisions, it would make a big difference. The small-group discussion was extremely helpful, at least for me. I felt like it was a bit easier to hammer out the specific issues that are encompassed in reproductive justice. All in all, I feel like we did well with the time and information that we were given.

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I thought the small group discussion was great as well! Good job!

In terms of coordinating ideas, group 2 created a google doc for figuring out the details. That seemed to work very well for them. Anyone from group 2 want to comment on that?

For future groups, I strongly encourage you to communicate via email prior to the start of your diablog. Also, make sure to email me with any technical questions.

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