Reproductive Justice Presentation!


After doing some more research, I have found that reproductive justice involves not only women, but men as well. It is the choice that people have to have children, not have children, and raise their children in a healthy and safe environment. I thought that maybe each person in the group could give a reaction to one of the readings we were assigned, or maybe a website they found that goes more in-depth on reproductive justice? I am currently researching a possible video that we could show to the class? I don't want to go into tomorrow unprepared, so I'm just throwing ideas out there. If anyone has any ideas about how to engage the class more, instead of just a discussion, your input would be greatly appreciated!


Is there anyway to meet up before class for 10 minutes to sort out our ideas? I think it would be beneficial to discuss the role the government plays in our reproductive rights or lack thereof. What can be done to change this? Planned Parenthood is something we should talk about of course. I agree that we should touch on the subject of men and transgendered and prove the point that it is everyone's fight.

I agree that we should all give a personal reaction to the readings. It will really help to get the ball rolling as far as discussion for the class. As far as reproductive justice goes, I would like to discuss the pressures from doctors that women have when deciding what kind of birth they have (hospital birth, midwife birth,interventions during pregnancy, ect..) I know this strays a bit from the readings, but it is an important component as far as justice goes. i can pull a couple pieces from articles to discuss if this seems like a topic the group is ok with. I can meet up before class to iron out the details.

Okay. I plan on finding a video that we can show to start the discussion. Besides giving our opinions on the articles and presenting some information, do you guys have any other ideas for how to display this information to the class? Discussion? Games? Activities?

Personal reactions to the readings and questions we felt the readings brought up. And it seems as though everyone has at least a vague idea of a facet of reproductive justice they want to discuss. This would be helpful for each of us to do digestible bits of this huge topic and get feedback as we go along? Or have the class discuss at the end of the presentation? I suppose we can figure those details out before class.

What if, after we present our information, we split the class into like three or four groups and we could assign each one an organization that they were supposed to read about for the class.

I like the idea of discussing all the different aspects of reproductive justice that many people don't think about. I think that meeting 10-15 minutes before class is definitely a good idea so we can brainstorm for and organize our presentation. I think it would help if everyone came with a few ideas of the route we should take with this presentation and we can narrow it down from there.

I believe it was abortion gang that mentioned men as a factor in reproductive justice, not only women. While decisions mostly rely on the woman, males need to be aware, educated, held responsible, and their input and support will influence many. Sex and reproduction of children only happens with both sexes, therefore both must be willing to make sacrifices, choices, and ready to struggle.

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