Superman as Immigrant Rights Activist

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I have read the article which is called" Superman as Immigrant Rights Activist" I do think it is a very interesting question because it contains three important part things that we need to talk about. First one is immigration. The second one is superman, and the third one is human rights or immigrant rights.
First of all, immigration is a very serious or important thing for the U.S. because the United States of America is based on immigrants. In general, everyone are considered immigrants because our ancestors or ourselves are from all over the world. Immigration is a big thing that the federal government or the U.S. people need to deal with.
Under the immigration law, people who are born in the U.S. or U.S. territory are US citizens. There is another way to become U.S. citizens is called naturalization. It means that all aliens who meet requirements may apply for being U.S. citizens through naturalization. We call "illegal immigrants" are people who are illegal live or work in the U.S.. In fact, I do think it is not good for calling people are "illegal immigrants", but we do have our laws to deal with people who are legal or illegal. I think it is political thing because the federal government and the immigrant office have rights to decide it. I pretty sure that it is not good or nice for calling people are illegal because people do not have rights but government does.
The second thing is the superman. As Hari said in the video, I do think that superman don not have rights to decide or even help people who are undocumented or illegal because this is the government's business. I do think that we need some organizations or people to help them, but the only thing we need to help them if they require it. I do not think that super man do have rights to judge people who are legal or illegal. I do think everyone should follow laws no matter she/he is legal or illegal. Superman is a citizen that we need to consider with. He doesn't have rights to help government to decide illegal immigrants.
The third thing is human rights or immigrant rights. I do think that everyone should have their own rights no matter he/she is legal or illegal. As I said, the government may decide people are legal or illegal, and the government still have rights to decide what they need to deal with illegal immigrants.Even people are illegal immigrants, I do think they still have rights because everyone are people, so it does have human rights. It is government's things or business to decide who are illegal immigrants, but we still need to protect their legal rights. Citizenship is a part of human rights, but we still need to protect their some other human rights.

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I agree, we all have basic human rights and if those are impeded every person should not be fearful to report it in the United States. It is quite saddening how many view undocumented peoples as if they are nonhuman and how many of these people are exploited with strong fears of reporting these crimes for fear of deportation. It is like many of us citizens forget, unless Native American, we are all immigrants as well who more than likely came to America for a better life. What happened to our humanity?

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