Day Twenty-four: December 8


Check out Jessica Yee's tweets to our class/about our posts:

Screen shot 2011-12-08 at 9.30.46 AM.png


Here's some other things that I want us to think about today and next Tuesday:

  • Your experiences with the process of developing and writing your feminist reflection papers
  • Your thoughts about social media in the (feminist) classroom
  • Favorite (and/or particularly compelling) assignments/readings/discussions
  • Any discussions/readings you'd like to revisit
  • Your thoughts on how to build community/connections inside/outside of classroom space
  • Any questions about class/feminism
  • Any "this is a feminist issue because..." posts that you want to discuss
And another thing: I posted this entry on my trouble blog yesterday about shifts in language that encourage feminist curiosity (taking women's/people's lives seriously). Here's a brief chart:


Any shifts you would like to add? Hmm...just thought of one more:
old word: illegal immigrant   more curious word: undocumented worker/immigrant
What do you think?

Finally, one last thing: On gaslighting and mansplaining
gaslighting comes from this tweet:
Screen shot 2011-12-08 at 11.00.54 AM.png

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