Feminist Social Media


I find that the aspect of social media has been very effective, and furthered my understanding of feminism. Through working and reworking my definition of feminism, I have found that there were so many things we have done in this class that have been added to my current definition. Things like the blog, and twitter have helped my to stay connected to the assignments, and to other people's ideas. I can read as many feminist books by feminist authors that are out there, but I didn't realize how large the movement was online. So many well known authors and activists have a twitter, or a website that they collaborate with, and until I took this class, I had no idea it was out there. Our list of social media tools for this class was long and precise, and I think we may have just covered every single topic listed on there. The one thing that we involved ourselves in a bit was feminist music. A social media group presented on spoken word, but it would have been interesting to delve a little deeper into that subject. What is feminist music? Is there even a thing? How would we define it? These are all questions that spark a certain curiosity into this subject. This is especially rooted in the social media aspect of it, as everything these days is accessible through YouTube or similar music sites. I think one of the biggest benefits of social media for feminist education is that you can make out of it what you want. There are so many ways that you can get involved, that your options of organizations, movements, journals, and magazines is potentially limitless. You can practically tailor make your own education by using only the subjects that interest you, and weed out the ones that don't fall into your own personal definition. One of the biggest limitations to social media is the idea of accessibility. Those dealing with the 3rd world problems that the 1st world feminist are talking about probably don't have access to the internet, nor would they find it beneficial to them. I enjoyed getting to look at several different aspects of social media in this class. I was familiar with blogging before, but things like twitter, and other feminist sites have expanded the scope of what I now have access to.

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