Social Media as a Tool for Feminism

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Truthfully, I've been throughout the course of this class slightly troubled by the nigh-ubiquitous wholesale veneration of social media as not only a tool with which feminism might be better articulated, but the space within which much current feminist discourse is taking place.

Additionally, I would tend to concur with much of what has been articulated over the course of our class- when we allow for important discourses such as these to be taken up within a space which tends to be inaccessible (the requisite amount of leisure time for actually legitimately engaging with and actually participating in discussions through online mediums being in and of itself a considerable privilege. Similarly, technology to which we have access is not quite as ubiquitous as it may otherwise seem or be portrayed; many even living in the relative comfort of the industrialized West [although that is not to diminish the circumstances of women living in the "third world" who are likewise ill-positioned to even -encounter- these technologies] are plagued by lack of access by way of the considerable Digital Divide).

In spite of these criticisms, I definitely recognize its value within the privileges spaces which have access thereto; I can speak to many who have themselves traced their own earlier or earliest encounters with feminism (academic or otherwise) to social media spaces. Additionally, while the issues mentioned above are certainly problematic and meriting more critical examination, many of the most compelling critiques I've read have been made available to me through the mediums we've been exploring, so there is I suppose potential for the discourse that does take place within these spaces to be very much aware of its place relative to those who exist outside of it, which is if nothing else a step in the right direction? Perhaps I am entirely too optimistic (or very possibly unwilling to give up Twitter now that I've more actively engaged therewith.

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I could not be more than agree with you, engaging social media and respectively gaining broader audience by using the contemporary means that technology offers to us, is the best way to go! I am supporting you in your decision not to quit Twitter:) And I am truthfully following you there and loving your blog and posts!

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