This is a feminist issue because...does reality t.v. makes a difference


I tweeted a question on if reality t.v. shows shape the way people think on how feminism is portrayed on television. To begin, I do watch a lot of t.v. and that includes reality shows such as bad girls club, love and hip hop, teen mom, etc. Although I do enjoy them for humor and entertaining purposes, I have to wonder if it makes a difference in how people view feminism. Things on t.v. are over exaggerated and not as they seem. For example, on bad girls club, the girls are tough and argue a lot. They stand up for themselves, but in a fighting and arguing manner is not always the best way. I feel like the stereotypes of feminists being angry all the time is reflected in reality t.v. Reality t.v. is basically entertainment, but do people take what they see on t.v. as a reality?

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