Blog/Twitter Assignments

As promised, here is some more information about the blog and twitter assignments:


Pedagogical Questions: Over the course of the semester you are required to post two pedagogical questions related to feminist pedagogies/social media. One of these questions should be more practical (that is, related to the practice of feminist pedagogies). The other question should be more theoretical (that is, connected to and critically reflecting on our course readings). Your question should be posted by the Sunday before your assigned week at 12 PM in order to give other students time to read and respond. Your question should be limited to 200 words or less. Each question is worth 20 points. Here are some examples from last year (the assignment was slightly different).

Feminist Pedagogies Examples: You are required to post four examples of feminist pedagogy. At least one of these examples should be from an event/exchange/experience outside of the traditional classroom setting. Your post should include a description of the example, a very brief analysis of/reflection on how and why you think it exemplifies (or speaks to) feminist pedagogical principles and any questions that this example (and your reflection on it) raises for you. If you are having difficulty finding examples of feminist pedagogy in action, you may also post about an example in which feminist pedagogical principles could have been helpful. Two of these examples are due by October 27. The other two examples are due by December 15.

Other Blog Assignments: You are required to post ten responses to others' posts (either as new entries or comments on other class members' entries) over the course of the semester (worth 10 points each). The only requirement for these responses is that you demonstrate a deep engagement with the ideas/author of the posts. There are no minimum or maximum word requirements for these posts, but I encourage you to experiment with your length. 5 of your comments are due by November 5. The other five are due by December 15.

Over the course of the semester, you should do (at least) ten tweets related to the class (10 @10 points each). Two of those tweets should be your pedagogical questions. Here are some ways in which you can use twitter for your remaining 8 tweets. You can post:

• Other questions to/about the class.
• Sources/readings/ideas related to the class
• Quick reactions to/thoughts about readings/class discussion
• Direct responses (@profile name) to other students/instructor
• Progress updates on blog resource project
• Reflections on using twitter or the blog
• Experimental prose/poetry inspired by and related to the class.

While you are only required to do ten tweets, I could encourage you to do more and to experiment with how to use them in your own pedagogical practices. Your two pedagogical question tweets are due at the same time that you post your pedagogical questions on our blog. The remainder are due by December 15.

I have created a log that you should keep for your records (and for mine). You can download it, along with the above description of the assignment, here. The due dates and point totals are listed on the log. 

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