Learning Activity Assignment


As part of your teaching strategies grade, you and 1-3 other students are required to develop a brief learning activity or practical exercise. This brief (about 15-20 minutes) activity or exercise could employ feminist pedagogy in content (that is, the activity could be about analyzing/making students aware of power structures, reflecting on feminism as a method or movement/s, promoting strategies for social change) AND/OR in format/style (that is, the activity could be about decentering the professor, dialogue, empowering students, active/non-judgmental listening, etc.). So, you can create an activity that addresses feminist issues or an activity that employs feminist strategies. Or, you can do an activity that does both at the same time.

This activity must employ one of the forms of social media that we are discussing: blog, twitter, facebook or youtube. You can use your selected form of social media however you want. And you can create your own assignment or try an assignment that has been used before (from your own class or something that you found online/through an academic article).

On the day that you carry out this activity, you will provide each member of the class with a written description of the activity, a statement of the goals of the activity, a statement of the intended participants in this activity (level of students, size of class, university department), as well as a statement of the perceived strengths and limitations of the activity, particularly in terms of your form of social media. Also, explain how and why this activity should be considered a practice/example of feminist pedagogy. Make sure to credit any sources (e.g. books, articles, professors, friends) that you used to develop the activity. Your written description should also be posted on our blog, filed under the category, "learning activities".

So, to recap:

  • Up to 4 people in group
  • Develop learning activity employing fem ped in content and/or methods
  • Must employ chosen social media in some way
  • Create handout with logistics + goals + how it is fem ped + neg/pos of activity
  • Distribute handout in class and post on blog
  • Be creative and have fun

Here are the dates for presenting:

  • November 10      Blogs
  • November 17      Twitter
  • December 1        Facebook
  • December 8        Youtube
Pick a date/form of social media by commenting on this entry. Up to 4 people can be in each group.


I would like to work with Youtube.

meg k and i would both like to work on the twitter activity.

I would also like to work with Youtube.

Likewise Youtube.

Youtube sounds good to me

I would like to do facebook!

me too! facebook! :)

me for twitter



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