"if i don't tweet it, did it happen??" ...a twist on "i tweet therefore i am"


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My professor from back home just posted this story on fb, and i thought it would add significantly to our twitter discussion. The title reads, "If the Science Guy passes out and nobody tweets it, did it happen?" The article centers on Bill Nye the science guy's collapse at USC. Apparently, before going to his aid, students consulted twitter and fb, while some even posted pictures. This is interesting when we consider that it may very well not have been "real" until the students put this out in the social media world...or whatever that means...
even more disturbing is the murder of Anthony Barre aka "Messy Mya" and the role of the internet played in his "documenting" his death (this link is from the original Bill Nye article).

what do you all think??


Wow. Very disturbing--thanks for posting. Need to think about this some more. I like your title. We could create a class called "Philosophy 101 through twitter." First Orenstein invokes Descartes (I think, therefore I am) and now you invoke George Berkeley (If a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it, does it make a sound?). Yes, I am a nerd.

i like nerds :)
and, yeah. I also need to think about all this twitter stuff some more too. I feel like i should clarify that my blog post title came from the yahoo news story. I can't take credit for it i didn't invoke Berkeley, but the author, Brett Michael Dykes. Does this make me sound less nerdy/cool? "Twitlosophy 101"??

This reminds me of a book by Susan Sontag "Regarding the Pain of Others" (http://www.susansontag.com/SusanSontag/books/regardingPain.shtml). She writes about the separation we feel towards others pain and suffering through the television...that bad stuff on TV happens in another country, state, town or neighborhood but not to us. Maybe now this separation is even apparent with people in the same room because we use the cellular phone as our shield. Disturbing indeed.

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