Another pedagogical example: Good for reflection, bad for following!

My roommate just passed her oral prelim in the PhD program. She is a very dedicated student, and I can clearly see her progress in the course. She is very young (25 years old) and I can see her point when she expresses her feelings of "not being yet prepared for a PhD". She didn't have teaching experience or long work experience before enrolling in the doctoral program, so she is always struggling with the feeling of "being behind". It doesn't seem to help that much the fact that I keep saying that she is a brilliant thinker.
We always discuss about things that we are learning in classes and we always learn from each other. I think the "Feminist Pedagogies" had an important impact on how she is seeing her relationship with her advisor now. Some weeks ago, she forwarded me this email that I'm quoting here (with her permission) with a short not: "take a look; you might be interested on discussing it in your class... bad pedagogy!"

"Your seminar was very good. I am sorry I had to leave for that meeting (I had people from Chicago arriving from the airport!!). I hope you enjoyed it.
Please be sure to call *** to meet with him. He found your proposal in my office and has a number of ideas for you.
A couple of observations from your seminar: I could barely hear you - you have to project your voice better - your credibility and authority will depend on it (especially if you teach). And, you have to get rid of the paper!!! I do not want you reading anything for your prelim. You have to know this well enough to talk without paper in front of you - you will have to practice it more.
Good job. I really hope you enjoyed it. It is a very good topic!! THanks for all your work - it has paid off well. Let me know how I can help now. I will send that reference to *** today. "

I was so shocked reading this email!... I really don't think that I need to explain here the reasons why I think it is a good example of "BAD pedagogy". I wonder what Paulo Freire would have to say about this 'pedagogical approach'... Behold and "be shocked" with me!

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