Brittany and reina's statement on feminist teaching with social media


In this dialogue alex and kim share their thoughts on

feminist pedagogy, teaching, learning, and the potential for social media
in the feminist classroom. We hope that this statement can also serve as a resource for our course blog to highlight the possibilites for social media in the feminist classroom!

keep in mind that you too can create text-to-movie videos to share in the feminist classroom. We would like to note that the scene and characters we used were the free options. click here to view the xtranormal site to create your own movies to share in the classroom!


This is awesome too!!! I love your creativity and sense of humor. Very inspiring. I look forward to working on this for next semester in our Politics of Sex class, Brittany!

Hahahaha!!!! I love this video, the dialogues and the sense of humor. I love that you've described the stuff we discussed and did throughout the class in such a conversational way. And critically engaged with the 'white dude'! I'm waiting to try this software!

bahahaha! i think the body language is the best part. thanks for a smart and funny contribution.

First, I did not know that Napoleon Dynamite was in our classroom. Second, this is such a cool way for people like me, who get the majority of their information from cartoons to learn something new. Usually humor has no part in the classroom dialogue but this is an great way to dispel that notion.

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