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As part of their final project, students in GWSS 5103: Feminist Pedagogies have developed a collection of feminist teaching and learning resources for three different forms of social media: twitter, facebook and YouTube. 

In this guide, we outline three examples of how one could use Twitter in the feminist classroom, based on syllabi we found around the internet. We break down each example into 1) the syllabus description of the purpose of the activity, 2) the students' role and responsibilities, and 3) how Twitter is incorporated into the class as a whole. Next we include two example activities for Twitter. Finally, we compile a set of resources for getting started as a feminist educator on Twitter, including our favorite people to follow.

We offer the following overview as a resource for anyone interested in using Facebook thoughtfully for pedagogical or personal purposes. We hope to broaden the ways Facebook may be seen as useful by focusing on three ways to use each of the following tools: (1) Facebook status updates, (2) Facebook notes, and (3) Facebook pages. Our group also believes that Facebook can be a productive topic for individuals who do not or cannot participate on Facebook's site, and have accordingly included a brief section on how to use Facebook in the classroom even when some students don't have an account. Finally, we submit a compilation of online resources for the Feminist Pedagogue who is interested in further exploring the uses of Facebook. 

This is collection of YouTube Resources by the YouTube team of Alissa, Erin, John and Jenny. Check out the following links: 

I (Sara) thought I would add some additional resources for blogging here too:

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