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Transgender History is in and other news…

Stryker's Transgender History book is in. Please read the assigned chapters from it for Tuesday's class. The course packet is also in. It is at Paradigm copies in the Dinkydome. Here is their website address, if you have any questions about where it is, etc.

Also, here is the revised reading schedule (the one that I handed out in class this past week).

One more thing:
If you would like to post your engaging assignment as a blog entry, here is
how you do it:

1. Go to U Think.
2. Click on Login to UThink
3. Put in your user id (ex: puot0002)
4. You are now on the moveable type page. You should find a link to our class. Click on GLBT 1001 (not the URL but the other link). If you do not have a link to our class, please email me and I will add you as an author.
5. Click on new entry (it is on the top right hand side under posting).
6. Type in your entry. Scroll down to the bottom and hit save. You're done!