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Critical Response Topics...

To keep it simple, you can use your critical responses as a way to offer a general overview and critical reflection on a particular reading from class (following the directions on the critical response handout). However, if you are feeling stuck and want some ideas for particular ways to engage with the readings, here are some possible topics for your critical responses:

1. What is transgender? How is it different from transsexual? You could look at how Strkyer and/or Feinberg define the term.
2. What are some tensions within the GLBT community? You could look at the history of tensions between lesbians and transfolk in Stryker and/or WeissOR tensions between gays/lesbians and bisexuals in Garber and/or Weiss.
3. Why is gender important? You could look at Riki Wilchins and her discussion of gender in Queer Theory/Gender Theory: An Instant Primer.
4. What is sex? Does it have a history? How does it relate to gender? You could look at Wilchins and her chapter, "Can Sex Have Opposites?" and/or David Valentine's "the categories themselves."
5. What are the heterosexual/homosexual binary and the gender binary? Why are they problems (for bisexuals/transfolk)? Garber, Stryker and Wilchins all talk about these binaries.
6. Why is claiming transgender history important to Stryker? To Feinberg?
7. What is gender? Look at Kate Bornstein's discussions in Gender Outlaw or My Gender Workbook.