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Class this Week (11.4)

Hi all,

Last week we finished discussing the Bornstein and watched a long clip from the documentary "After Stonewall" about queer activism and AIDS. This week we will briefly continue our discussion of "Queers Read This/I Hate Straight" and "Punks, Bulldaggers and Welfare Queens."

Here are some changes that I announced last week:
1. This week we will begin the ethics section by focusing on dignity. We will either watch "Cruel and Unusual" or "Toilet Training." And we will discuss the Bill of Gender Rights.
2. The following week (11.11), we will discussing and reading about intersexuality.
3. You are required to write one of your critical responses on Queers Read This, "Punks, Bulldaggers, and Welfare Queens," "Queer Nation" OR "Queer Aztlan". Reflect on the following questions: What is queer? What is the radical/transformative potential of queer activism? Also, think about this topic in relation to the film clip that we watched. This critical response is due 11.18 (not 11.11).

See you tomorrow. Remember to vote!!