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Engaging Assignment #4 - Kim Hanlon

I looked at the assignment and was a little surprised, unfortunately. I guess that I have become so used to not having the same human rights as most of the rest of society; I never really thought to sit down and jot them all down. That is heartbreaking to think about; how a certain minority of group(s) are disrespected and de-humanized in a country that is looked to as one of freedom and human rights.
Human rights are defined as basic standards that people need to live in dignity. I believe that violating anyone’s basic human rights is undeniably stating that you believe they are less than a human being. The GLBT/Q people/communities are denied freedom of assembly, freedom of expression and the right to life.
These are some rights that I got from the Human Rights Constitution. Freedom from Arbitrary Arrest (Article 9), Right to Asylum (Article 14), Right to Life, Liberty and the Security of Person (Article 3), Right to Freedom from Torture and Degrading Treatment (Article 5), and Right of Peaceful Assembly and Association (Article 20).
GLBT people are continually punished by other citizens because of their sexual orientation. They are beaten, mutilated, tortured and killed day in and day out. When the crime is punished, it is not seen as a hate crime because GLBT people are not seen as having basic human rights. What I find extremely interesting is that we are human beings, therefore we have, and are covered, by the human rights constitution, but because we have a different sexual orientation or gender identity, that trumps all of our human rights.
I truly believe that if our country would honor the 'separation of church and state' then the GLBT community would receive the basic human rights that everyone else receives.