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Unsafe spaces in the twin cities

This project comes from the Twin Cities Avengers, an all-inclusive queer direct action group committed to dismantling all forms of oppression.

According to Jill Bartel (a GWSS major), "right now the Avengers have created an interactive map for folks to record personal experiences of "gender injustice" (or any kind/multiple kinds of "identity injustice") that limit your everyday mobility. we are operating from the assumption that instances of street harassment happen all the time, and for many reasons are not documented. once we have a substancial number of posts we hope to use our map to reclaim public space using a variety of methods. feel free to email suggestions for how to best act upon the results of your experiences to tcavengers@gmail.com. most of the posts already on the site are examples in which folks were verbally or physically harassed or attacked as a result of their sexuality, race, and/or gender presentation. we are open to any and all submissions. please read the posting guidelines. the link to the map is www.tinyurl.com/unbashtc".