A Selection of Found Mostly Academic/Activist Bloggers

As promised, here are some of the blogs I've taken extra notice of this semester:

First, here's a neat listing of "Gender Studies Blogs."

Blac (k) ademic
Kortney Ryan Ziegler, director of STILL BLACK: a portrait of black transmen
Self-described: "i am a 27 year old filmmaker and doctoral student currently stationed in chicago."
*Kortney's blog hasn't been updated in over a year now, but browsing some of the categories can be fun. See especially "it happened again" and anything in feminism or pop culture (or both!).

One Tough vonCookie
Self-described: "I started this blog on another platform back in 2005 with the title "The Trials and Tribulations of a PhD Candidate"; I switched the title when people in my Department found out about the blog, and thus vonCookie was born. "One Tough vonCookie" is a travelogue of my adventures as student, teacher and human; the blog has taught me how to view life through extraordinary lenses. I have discovered, there are miracles in the mundane annoyances of our quotidian existence, and that's what I'm here to point out. That, and also why Tony Danza sucks so hardcore."
vonCookie works in Spanish (blogs in English), and entertains some pretty long posts about the writing process. I read just a couple, and they're intriguing in relation to our talks about how we read.

"Long Distance Mom" by Elizabeth Coffman
Self-described: "Elizabeth Coffman is a documentary filmmaker and film scholar. She's published work in Camera Obscura, Journal of Film & Video and other places. Her film work has been broadcast and screened at festivals in Europe and the U.S. Elizabeth maintains messy homes in Chicago and in Tampa, where her two children live with their father during the week, and stay with her on the weekends. Elizabeth and her filmmaking partner have a media production company--Long Distance Productions."
I really like Elizabeth's recent post on "Airports and Non-Places" and what first caught me was this post on "Heartbreak and Radicalism." The whole "Mama PhD" thing might be a little... uh... whatever. I kind of like it.

Bitch Ph.D
Self-described: "This is, obviously, a feminist site; it is also leftist and, in the end, a personal site as well. If feminism pisses you off, or (after reading a couple of posts) you decide that I have my head irretrievably up my ass, it's pretty easy to go away and read something else, and that's what I expect you to do."
I recently enjoyed this bit I found on wonder and the TV show Weeds. For way more in-depth and "relevant" reading, check out "Am I a Big Ol' Queer?"Perhaps I really have a thing for radical moms who blog (or deal).

Self-described: "cripchick is a queer disabled corean-american living and loving in the south. she is a big fan of media making, youth organizing, radical women of color feminism, and being in community with you. she is a proud member of the disabled young people's collective in north carolina & wants to get to know more liberation-oriented folks."
Check out "i feel queer today" for the discussion of writing (comments included).

This is getting lengthy! Woo! Just two more!

Pattie Thomas, author of Taking Up Space
Health at Every Size!

Maybe three more, because Pattie also links to Queer Fat Femme. Yeah!

Living in Liminal Space
Self-described: "I'm doing a PhD about doing a PhD and this blog is part of my data."
Isn't that description enough?

Phew. That was a "nice" celebration of being finished with my three GWSS courses for the semester. Thanks for reading.