Khaki Ad

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This khaki ad is very blatant in saying that a genderless society is bad and that the only way to make our society better and too fix all of our woes is for men to grab the world, pick their gender roles back up, and "wear the pants". It claims that "today, there are questions our genderless society has no answers for" and therefore we need the "men" back to save the day. This is clearly loaded with many sexist problems. Furthermore, I find it funny that it cites several times that we live in a genderless society, when all of us here know that that is most certainly not the case at all, not even close.

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This ad is so outrageous! I saw it on Keagan's entry for the Girl Mechanic book, but I looked at it again when I saw it up here. This ridiculous search for "disappearing" masculinity is seeming really popular to me right now- I put up a Queer This today about a movie called "An Emasculating Truth". The movie is basically a search to find out what is happening to REAL MEN nowadays, what with Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, "metrosexuals" and all this hair product men seem to be using! I just think it's insane, and unfortunately for all the guys worried about this, nobody else really cares and could probably do without the REAL MEN that this khaki ad describes!!!