Queer this lady gaga: abject?


Okay.... I have to admit I am a fan of lady gaga. This interview reveals sort of why I am. She is a freak.... a proud, self proclaiming freak and I love it. Thought I would put it forward to see if anyone else finds this interesting!

note: not sure how much longer the video will be up due to copyright crap.


Umm...personally I like her, she provokes very strong feelings in people, love her or hate her. I feel like their are so many questions that could be raised surrounding her. In my mind, there's this question of privilege enabling her to do what she does? Umm...also in terms of this specific interview, I don't understand why people are so interested in her sexuality and her gender (remember the news surrounding her being an intersexed person), or more so, that they feel like they have the right to ask her about it. There is a huge part of me that wanted GaGa to tell BARBARA that it was none of her damn business!

Katie, I'm sorry that this has nothing to do with Lady Gaga, but I think my little investigation involves some other queering...

So, the first comment above is from "Charles Carlson," a name I recognized right away as it's tied to someone I've met and attended on- and off- campus meetings with-- it's also tied to the same person, as he's being talked about in the KSTP story that the poster links to (click on "Charles Carlson").

Something tells me that Charles wouldn't link to that extremely embarrassing story (as his URL, no less) on his own... so.... queer this! Why is someone using our class blog to flame Charles Carlson just about 9 months after the revelation of his campaign lies? Why is our class blog such a magnet for weird shit?

After reading Remy's comment, I decided to remove the "Charles Carlson" comment.

I agree with Remy, that we could/should have some interesting conversations about comments. Who else is reading our blog and how are they reading it? How does having an audience (both real and imagined) shape your entries? What is the relationship between readers and writers (and lurkers too!)? How might we think about this relationship queerly? And, the most important question of all: Where is Animal Coloring Pages and will they comment again?

I have a response to the Lady Gaga Queer This entry and also to Sara's question about potential readers of this blog.

For me, Lady Gaga is a really cool artist and this interview kind of helped me to clarify whether there was intentional meaning put into her music & videos or whether its goal was to stretch the outrageousness to the limit for sake of attention. Even though one could argue that she was lying, Lady Gaga herself said in the interview that her intent with her music & videos is art. I think that is what it is too, and much more so than other mainstream music videos out there right now (mostly meaning the artists in the same arena as Lady Gaga- same audiences, same popularity/exposure level, etc). Also, Lady Gaga in the very least makes you THINK about what you are watching and what you are hearing (well, maybe not the song "just dance", but most others). I do however really like the question in the first comment about how much privilege is at play in Lady Gaga's ability to create such controversial material on such a widespread scale. I'm sure she had to create much less controversial work her entire career up until now, when she has the fan base, the money and the exposure to create the music she does.

In response to Sara's question about who is or could be reading our blog, I think it's neat to think that this is reaching further than just our classroom walls. If people stumble upon this blog and don't give it a second look, fine. If they find it and really engage with it though, that's more the purpose of this blog in the first place: to engage with, to interact, to share ideas and critique others' ideas. Also, like I've said in class, at least for me, it helps keep me accountable in what I'm writing and also makes me think more about what I'm saying and how I'm saying it because I have to be more committed to what I'm saying if there is a potential for a larger audience to be reading it.