About the Categories

While this "About the Categories" page is for anyone who wants to learn more about this blog and how it works, it is especially written for students in "Queering Theory." Here is how I envision these categories working:

Announcement, Events, etc: Entries filed under this category are about important events that are happening at the U or anyone else (in the twin cites or elsewhere) that you think people reading this blog might want to know about. This category also includes announcements that make readers aware of resources on campus/in the community related to queering theory.

Class Handouts: This category includes links to any handouts that I distribute in class, such as: notes, small group assignments, blog assignment, updated syllabi, presentation requirements, etc. If you miss class and want to get the handouts, click on this category to find them. I will try to always post the handout shortly after class.

Class News: Entries filed under this category are about any announcements that I have made in class about changes to the readings, assignments, etc. If you are ever unsure about an announcement that I made in class, click on this category to review all of the class announcements that I have made.

Class summaries and Queries: In this category, I will post a brief summary of part (or all) of our previous class discussion. Then, I will offer a query to you. You are encouraged to post a comment to that query. I am hoping that this category will enable us to clarify terms and to (better) ensure that we understand the terms/ideas/theories (and what is at stake with them) that we are discussing. This material is difficult and really pushes at "the limits of most sure ways of knowing" (that's Butler-speak) so don't be too afraid to speak up if you don't understand something. You are required to post comments to 3 of these queries throughout the semester.

How to Blog: Entries filed under this category provide tips, advice, strategies for using the blog. Included in this category is my entry, "How to Blog, A Primer." If you have a question about how to embed a youtube clip or upload an image, click on this category first.

Queer This!: This category is for posting images, news items or anything else that you feel speaks to issues related to queering theory and/or our readings and class discussion. It could also include anything that you believe especially deserves a queer analysis. Entries filed under this category should not merely be WTF or "oh bother!" posts. Instead they should be entries that invite us to apply the queering skills we are learning to popular culture/current events or should inform us about ideas/topics/images that are important for queer theory and/or queer communities. When you are posting a comment on a "queer this" entry, you should clearly identify (in a sentence or two) what queering theories/tools/strategies you are using. You are required to post 2 of these over the course of the semester. You must also respond to 3 of these posts.

Reading Reflections: This category is for posts that don't seem to fit in any of the other categories and that are directly engaging with the readings and/or our discussion of them. You should file your first blog assignment on the Judith Butler film under this category.

Sara's Reading Reflections: Entries filed under this category are my reflections on the readings for a particular class. Sometimes I will provide a summary of each reading. Other times I will provide my own questions about the reading. I might also provide some thoughts on how to approach the reading or even how to write a summary about it. Student reading reflections should not be posted under this category. Instead, you will post your direct reading engagements in your term category.

Tracking Terms: The main focus of your blog project is the tracking of your chosen term. In this category, I will create sub-categories for each of the terms. You should post ALL of your entries related to the tracking of your term under your term sub-category. These posts include your annotated bibliographies and your direct engagement with the readings. Your "Queer This!" posts do not need to be filed under this category. This means that by the end of the semester, you should have at least 10 entries filed under your chosen sub-category