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January 31, 2009

Group 4 Definitions

Feminism: A cohesive movement unified across race, class, and sexuality committed to ending sexism on a global scale.

Institutionalization of Women's Studies: The movement of feminist thought and theory from situations involving the general public into the elite upper class academia.

Feminist Conversion: Restructuring one's own views to incorporate feminist values into one's vision of and activity in the world.

Feminism as Mass-Based Educational Movement: The future goal of implementing feminist values into the curriculum of schools, eliminating sexism in educational programs, and making adult education with feminist values available to both genders and all classes.

January 30, 2009

Course Packets are in!

The course packet for the class is available at Paradigm Copies. They are located in the Dinkydome on University Avenue (1501 University Avenue SE, Suite 201). The dinkydome is right across the street from Folwell Hall.

Have a great weekend!

President Obama signs Ledbetter Bill

Read more about the Fair Pay Act.

January 29, 2009

Group 3 definition

Feminism is the movement in the world for positive equal interactions not regulated by gender expectations.

group 3


Sisterhood: A transcendent personal connection between women that can serve as a foundation, possibly for a feminist sisterhood. pg.15

Political Solidarity: A formalized bond that goes beyond class, race, or gender, with the purpose of having political goals realized.

Internalized Sexism: Socialized patriarchal thinking by both men and women.

January 28, 2009

Group 1's Definition

Feminism is a movement to end sexism and other forms of oppression, discrimination, and violence like those based on race, gender identity, sexuality, class and the workplace, and religion.

Feminist Reflection Paper Assignment

Here is the assignment for your first paper.

New Reading Assignment for 2/3

Here is the new reading assignment that I announced last night in class.


a. Selections from a Special Issue: Blogging Feminism: (Web) sites of Resistance in the Scholar and Feminist Online.
• Trasiter, Rebecca. Preface
• Kennedy, Tracy L.M. The Personal is Political: Feminist Blogging and Virtual Consciousness Raising
• Siegal, Deborah. Finding the Past in the Present

b. SKIM Tobias, Vicki. Blog This

NOTE: This reading assignment REPLACES the Devoney Looser essay that I originally assigned.

In addition to the above reading, pick one of the following blogs (or pick some feminist blogs that you read regularly) to look at…

Living Oprah
Angry Black Bitch
Feminist Law Profs
Feminist Philosophers
Feminist Blogs
Alas, A Blog
Pam's House Blend
i blame the patriarchy
Dykes to Watch Out for

…then, briefly answer the following questions:

• What types of issues are addressed in this blog?
• What kind of blog is it (see Tobias: personal, topical, collaborative, political, corporate, advice)?
• Is the blog feminist? Why/why not?
• What are your reactions to the blog?
• Is this blog (and/or blogging in general) a good feminist tool for raising consciousness?

Group 5 Answers- 1/27

Group 5:
Abby Dropkin
Voua Yang
Kate Holton
Sarah Weber

Feminism- "Lens" by whcih we view and define issues of inequality, specifically pertaining to women and women's oppression

White Privilege- White people having a different and higher status than people of other races (p. 55)

Racism in Feminism- The fight for feminism stemmed from the fight to end racism. "White females witnessing the militant demand for more rights for black people chose that moment to demand more rights for themselves" (p. 56)

Common Oppression- "the notion that women constituted a sexual class/caste were the most reluctant to acknowledge differences among women, differences that overshadowed all the common experiences females shared" (p. 57)

Group 2

Feminism: A non-judgmental, non-violent movement seeking to end sexism, support the choices of all women, and disrupt the rigidity of traditional gender roles for men and women.

Consciousness raising - Dialogs or conversations which emphasize the importance of learning about patriarch and understanding male domination and the way it functions in women's everyday lives. "Feminists are not born, but made" (7). At a time before women's studies was established as an academic field, consciousness-raising groups served as a means of education for women who experienced sexism.

Victim feminism - After consciousness raising lost currency, some women co-opted the rhetoric of feminism to change their economic status (10), or to benefit themselves in some other way, without truly learning feminism and reckoning with themselves and their personal lives. Using feminism when it's convenient without doing the work for it.

Enemy within - sexism that is internalized by women who claim the mantle of feminism. Sexist thought and behavior that prevents true feminist progress from being made (12).

January 27, 2009

Testing the Blog

Hey! I'm just testing this thing, see if it works.

How to Blog

1. Go to U Think.
2. Click on Login to UThink
3. Put in your user id (ex: puot0002)and password
4. You are now on the moveable type page. You should find a link to our class. Click on GWSS 3004 (not the URL but the other link). If you do not have a link to our class, please email me and I will add you as an author.
5. Click on new entry (it is on the top right hand side under posting).
6. Type in your entry. Scroll down to the bottom and hit save. You're done!

January 22, 2009

Textbook available

The book for next week, "Feminism is for Everybody" is in stock at the bookstore as of this morning. If you haven't purchased it yet, make sure you get it soon.

January 20, 2009

Welcome to the class blog!

Welcome to the blog for GWSS 3004: Contemporary Feminist Debates. Here is a copy of the syllabus.