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Group 2

Feminism: A non-judgmental, non-violent movement seeking to end sexism, support the choices of all women, and disrupt the rigidity of traditional gender roles for men and women.

Consciousness raising - Dialogs or conversations which emphasize the importance of learning about patriarch and understanding male domination and the way it functions in women's everyday lives. "Feminists are not born, but made" (7). At a time before women's studies was established as an academic field, consciousness-raising groups served as a means of education for women who experienced sexism.

Victim feminism - After consciousness raising lost currency, some women co-opted the rhetoric of feminism to change their economic status (10), or to benefit themselves in some other way, without truly learning feminism and reckoning with themselves and their personal lives. Using feminism when it's convenient without doing the work for it.

Enemy within - sexism that is internalized by women who claim the mantle of feminism. Sexist thought and behavior that prevents true feminist progress from being made (12).