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I think that this analysis of family life, and furthermore, definite family roles, by Valerie Lehr provides a great case for reconstruction of the family. Her discussion on lesbian and gay roles, as well as the environment those roles create for children, is especially convincing. As she went over all of the injustices that confine individuals, particularly masculinity and the conundrum of heterosexuality, it became more and more apparent to me that nothing short of a complete revolution of social strata will suffice. She faced the tradition family by displaying each level of the corruption that comprises it. Family, that is, as the structure of raising a child. She attacked the division of labor in the family, and hence the entire role of femininity and masculinity as normal. It should not be “possible” for lesbian women to be fathers and gay men to be mothers. Parenting has been sectionalized and damaged by gender applications. People should be able to create homes, and raise families, for the love of children and of eachother. By scaling how the traditional family demeans man and woman, heterosexual and homosexual alike, Lehr applied her ethics of equality and morality. This is what makes her work both feminist and queer.